Yoga For Children

Children need to direct their energy in a healthy and beneficial way to build good character and confidence, every mother knows how much attention a child needs and their energy levels seem to be sky high at all times.

They also learn by mimicking their parents or those around them, so the best place to start is at home.
Yoga allows a child to focus their energy in a way that will both physically and mentally improve them; it gives them a solid base for the rest of their life.
The mental concentration used in yoga postures will help your child focus and concentrate, improving their learning potential. The physical aspect of yoga will also direct their energy and improve body systems internally giving your child a higher resistance to illness.




The philosophy taught in conjunction with yoga will give them the knowledge of good character and compassion towards others.
Relaxation using yoga techniques have worked a treat for my young daughter, for example, I recently taught her how to ride a bike. One of the most important aspects for her to learn was to just relax, she felt scared, like she was going to fall, I told her to just tell herself to relax.
She used the power of auto suggestion, without even knowing, “Relax, one straight line” she repeated over and over again, and BOOM there she had it, from that moment she was relaxed, shoulders away from the ears and arms loosened up. I was running up and down the road like a headless chicken trying to keep up with her!

The power of auto suggestion is a huge part of yogic lifestyle, literally what you think, you become.
I often explain to her the power of thoughts and positivity, at this stage she’s a little young to understand fully because she keeps thinking and wishing she’s a mermaid or fairy, so its kind of hard to explain why the power of words haven’t quiet worked in that area.
Normally I have to pretend that she has super powers and dress up as a fairy for a while, then she sort of believes it!

In essence, yoga has many benefits to offer the whole family, especially children, in their world of madness and crazy high energy, it provides a focus in all areas, including yoga exercises for the body, relaxation for the mind and lifestyle for ethics and compassion, and it gives you some quality time with the family in this rat race we often call life!

A few benefits of yoga for children:
– One pointed focus.
– Improved concentration.
– Improved balance and co-ordination.
– Entire body systems improved due to a richer blood supply and oxygen levels to all
– Muscle endurance and stamina improved.
– Bones and joints strengthened.
– Negative emotions directed to positive.
– Balance and enhancement of both brain hemispheres.
– Increased confidence.
– Character building (teaches practice and discipline).
– Decreased stress levels by control of breath.
– Healthy and happy overall well being.
– Visualisation techniques improves creativity.