All group classes and personal tuition are in Luton. Do not come to my class if you want to sit around and put zero effort into your practice. You should expect a physically demanding class to increase muscular strength and flexibility, this needs discipline of mind. Without discipline or effort on your part you will not benefit and if there’s one thing I don’t appreciate in life, it’s time wasters or excuse makers. I am not in an orchestra, so I will not get the violins out for you when you complain about your physical well being yet do nothing about it or attend once or twice a month. I practice on a daily basis, so to attend a class a week should not be an issue to commit to.

When you book on the group classes, you will be paying in advanced for a course of 6 weeks. If you miss a class, it’s at your own loss of payment, I will offer a replacement class if there is space. I do not offer a pay as you go service for any group classes and I do not offer discount classes on the assumption that you may or may not be able to attend certain dates. If you want to feel better physically and mentally, and are willing to embark on this, yoga will provide the means to a strong mind with high self awareness and a body with unlimited movement potential and maximum flexibility, muscular stamina and strength.



Mats and stretching accessories are provided but I would recommend buying your own mat. You will be expected to exercise bare foot, if you have issues though, please cover the feet for hygiene purpose. Loose comfortable clothing should be worn or clothing that does not restrict movement.

As a student, you will be in class to learn techniques in powerful breathing techniques to enhance power in strength ad relaxation, the whole body is addressed with attention to every limb. The skeletal and the breathing is the first focus, the muscular strength comes from the ability to hold, transport and progress from posture to posture. As a teacher I will teach classes that require attention to detail from the inside, out.

I do not take well to students that don’t want to listen or learn, this only happens when someones intentions of improving themselves come from outside of their identity. The only reason you should take up yoga is to learn and improve yourself from the inside, out.



Group Classes

My classes are physically demanding, I combine strength and flexibility equally.

My belief is to change mentally, we must be physically challenged so I always try to encourage my students to go beyond their expectations, and they always do.

There are many reasons a student chooses to practice yoga, maybe it’s because of aches and pains or maybe it’s to grow emotionally, spiritually, physically or whatever reason you will benefit from attending classes on a regular basis.

I teach beginners, intermediate and advanced classes in Luton, the group classes offer a visual stimulation and confidence boosting when others see variations that are achieved by fellow students. Personal tuition is more suitable for those that want a specific regime to target their needs or just cannot make the time of group classes.

All classes are taught in a friendly environment without a competitive manner, in fact, I like to think of it more as a “community” of like minded people who have the same interest, which is to better themselves.

No two classes are the same, sometimes I may teach a restorative and recovery class, others may be a vinyasa based (transition/flows) or a long holding asana class (deep stretching and strengthening) or I may teach based on areas such as back bends, inversions etc.
Using this method of teaching curbs boredom or stagnant practice which encourages personal development.





Group Classes Timetable

Monday  7.30-9pm £65

Wednesday 7.30-9pm £65

Advanced course booking of 6 weeks only.


Personal Tuition

In general you will benefit from group classes due to the encouragement from others in class as well as visually witnessing advanced variations from fellow students.

However there May be reasons for one to require personal tuition.
I offer personal tuition to those that cannot attend group classes and still have a desire to learn yoga.

Pictured below is one of my PT girls that suffered a stroke and started yoga to help with strength and coordination. After putting in her own time and discipline, following guidance, she is as strong as ever. Her class had to be altered with attention to energy levels and reaction times which can be slower due to the stroke so we focused on slower stable postures.



With well over a decade of teaching yoga, I have helped individuals achieve goals they have set through personal tuition and provided relief for those with physical ailments or general well being issues. Personal tuition allows a far more personal growth from the mind, which has a big impact on your general health.

Personal tuition gives the student an opportunity to develop on an area they feel necessary or an area they are lacking which is apparent in their physical body.

Cost £40 advanced booking only.

Variable times am or pm weekdays only


Teacher Training

Flexible duration for teacher training courses to suit you. Contact me for more details.

All teacher training is accredited by Yoga Alliance with a 200 (beginners/intermediate) or 300 (intermediate/advanced) status.




For any Teacher training application to be considered you will need to contact me first, to discuss options and applicability. The nature of teacher training is in personal enhancement as well as teaching methods in many subjects of yoga.



Centre of Excellence Courses

OM Yoga School UK is a centre of excellence accredited by Yoga Alliance International. I run workshop and courses on various topics within yoga.



These courses are suitable for yoga teachers and count as CPD points (Continual Personal Development) or serious students of yoga who want to develop their own skills. You do not have to be a teacher to book on a course. A certificate of attendance and CPD points are included upon completion. Subjects of courses include:





and more….

Contact me for more details.