About Me

My first experience of yoga started from childhood.
We annually traveled to India to see relatives and my dad’s spiritual practice took us to many authentic ashrams and yoga centres in India. In 2004 I went to Madrid and trained with Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, one of India’s largest and most respected yoga schools. This training was adequate at a beginners level, but I knew it was just the very start of development. Yoga is a lifelong journey rather than a passing by, so after I had finished training, I was ready to commit fully to fitting it into my lifestyle.

Finding time and energy is crucial for advancing in anything, because I wanted to find that time I always did, regardless of the time of night or day I had available. I believe in balance in all areas including family, yoga, leisure, lone time etc… So I do not take it to the extreme where I am consumed wholly by yoga (I have too many family commitments and responsibilities for that kind of carry on!) but I enjoy it, learn from it and fit it into my life everyday somehow.



Since training as a teacher, I have practiced and taught yoga daily. Using my personal experience through practice and discipline, I continue to further develop my yoga practice to advanced yoga asanas and personal experience of pregnancy, children’s yoga and teacher training of 200 and 300 and as a centre of excellence course leader.

I have found my own teaching skills change according to my knowledge and to fully understand yoga, you must have an awareness of your inner self as well as the outside appearance you portray. The external of your body is a direct result of your internal state and only by changing from the inside, can you expect to see the transformation on the outside.

The internal development of yoga is done through meditation and associated with the right hemisphere of the brain, the physical practice is left sided, to bring balance to both hemispheres creates health. I teach the physical exercises in my classes as well as give advice and techniques of meditation. Meditation requires high patience and discipline, it is my opinion that if you are not at a certain level to start with in self awareness and meditation, you are open to energetic changes from those around you. For this reason, I only teach meditation as one to one.



In general, my experiences have been enough for me to develop my own teacher training program with OM Yoga School UK, a registered school of yoga with RYS200 and RYS300 status with Yoga Alliance US, in which I am the syllabus manager.

My accreditations include dip. SYVC (diploma in Sivananda Yoga Vedanta), E-RYT500 (experienced registered yoga teacher 500 Yoga Alliance US), RPYT (registered pregnancy yoga teacher, Yoga Alliance US), RCYT (registered children’s yoga teacher, Yoga Alliance US) and  I am also qualified as a senior teacher for OM Yoga School UK with an accredited teacher training program at a level of RYS 200 and 300 with Yoga Alliance US.

OM Yoga School UK is a centre of excellence and I am also certified as a CPD (Continuing Personal Development) course provider, this is a recommended process from the Yoga Alliance Int for all teachers to continually develop their teaching skills.